Turn Clients Into Your Influencers

Increase user engagement across all social media channels with a unique SaaS white label tool for brokers

The one & only
Social Media Snippet

Reduce CPA and leverage the biggest marketing team ever - with the globally first Social Media Snippet for brokers!

Your Clients:

  • Can create customized, automated, and ready-made social media videos daily
  • Can share their best trade of the day from your trading platform to maximize fame and get viral
  • Can publish trading content within seconds, without the hassle of recording, cutting and fine-tuning - quick and easy!

Your Brand:

  • Reduces CPA by turning existing clients into the biggest sales and branding team ever, leveraging organic social media followers
  • Increases brand engagement across channels by connecting directly with users
  • Adds a globally unique feature never seen before - finally, a real USP for your toolbox!

skyrocket your brand on TikTok and other platforms

Investment Options

Option 1

  • €1,750 (24 months)
  • unlimited users
  • no setup fee
  • 3 MetaTrader servers*

Option 2

  • €2,450 (min. 12 months)
  • unlimited users
  • Setup fee: €450
  • 3 MetaTrader servers*

Option 3

  • €3,750 (min. 3 months)
  • unlimited users
  • Setup fee: €950
  • 3 MetaTrader servers*

*Any additional MetaTrader server: +€400 per month


Try it for Yourself

Reach out for a free demo version with the look and feel of your brand. We know you'll love it!

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Any Obstacles Left?

Your IT team is out of capacity?

No problem, we did all the hard work, so no development has to be done on your side besides quickly integrating an iframe on your website.

Launching this kind of add-on is a long and painful process...

Hell no! We deliver an immediate go-to-market solution so you can go live within days.

Your solution is great, but maybe many brands are using it. Where is my USP?

We grant exclusivity and make sure it remains your USP. Only 15 licences are globally available until mid-2023 - our product is unique, and we want to keep it as such!

Is my client data secure? I have some GDPR concerns.

We don't need any client data at all besides anonymous trading data. We take GDPR and Client Data Security seriously!

My social media accounts are not very active...

That's why you need our solution - it will boost your social media presence and get your brand on TikTok and other platforms. We can support you as an agency by increasing your followers - just let us know more about your needs.

What's the price?

Please see our pricing options above.

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